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Up to 5,000 euros in subsidy for electric commercial vehicles

Our electric commercial vehicles from EMS Europe offer the solution.
If you switch to an electric company car, there are subsidies and tax schemes that you can take advantage of, so the purchase will probably cost you less than expected.

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The whole of the Netherlands: up to 5,000 euros in subsidy for electric commercial vehicles.
Entrepreneurs and non-profit institutions are eligible for a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros when purchasing a new electric company car. The subsidy scheme runs until December 31, 2025. Please note! The scheme's subsidy budget does have a maximum each year.
The amount of the subsidy is 10% of the net list price (vehicle category N1). When purchasing or financial leasing one or more new emission-free commercial vehicles, a higher subsidy percentage applies to these organizations, namely 12%. The subsidy amount for all organizations is a maximum of 5,000 euros for each company car.

Investment deductions that you can use with our electric company cars

  • Small-scale investment deduction (KIA)
  • Maximum 28% deduction on your profit. (Depends on other investments in the year);
  • Applies to new and used electric commercial vehicles;
  • Applicable to both income tax and corporate tax;
  • Applies to every form of business.

Environmental investment deduction (MIA)
Deduct up to 45% of the purchase amount from your gross profit; This also applies to the purchase of a charging station if the investment is at least € 2,500. Valid for every business form.

You can apply for a small-scale investment deduction and environmental investment deduction from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (www.rvo.nl). Your bookkeeper and/or accountant can tell you more about this.

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