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Nextem Humpback EV

 Import, sales & service of electric and hydrogen LCVs.


EMS Europe is the exclusive partner of NEXTEM e-Mobility Limited.
Nextem+; The manufacturer for the next generation electric commercial vehicles. Inspired by nature, powered by electric and build for the planet.

Nextem Humpack EV Light Truck vrijstaand 2


Heavy duty pure battery powered platform.
Low loading chassis with unlimited flexibility.
Inspired by nature, powered by electric and the build for planet.

Driving with Zero Emissions

With a payload of 1.5 tons and a range to 200 km, the NEXTEM HUMPBACK is ideal for clean use in city traffic and the surrounding area. Here you also drive through regions with “zero emissions”.

Humpback. New Charging Light Truck

For more information and details, download the Humpback brochure.

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