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 Import, sales & service of electric and hydrogen LCVs.

Green-G Italy

EMS Europe is the exclusive partner of Green-G Electric Vehicles. Green-G. A new reality with a long history. A reality that was born today, oriented to the future, but with deep and historical roots. Green-G is a business unit of Goriziane Group, an international reference point for seventy years in the design of advanced engineering systems for the defence, oil & gas, naval and railway sectors.

Ecarry EMS Europe Zero Emission

Driving the ecarry

Take a look at the ecarry, a unique light truck in its category for ergonomics, capacity, performance, and dimensions.

Green-G- Ecarry EMS Europe

The vehicle

The ecarry is based on a revolutionary concept with an advanced low-rise cabin. Suitable areas of deployment include, for example, waste disposal services, gardening businesses, urban logistics and last-mile deliveries. The vehicle has approximately the dimensions of a conventional van and therefore is easy to manoeuvre. This light truck has a load capacity of nearly 1.8 tons and has a N1 vehicle type approval. The total weights a maximum of 3.5 tons and reaches speeds of up to 80 kilometres per hour. The standard version of the ecarry is equipped with a lithium nickel manganese cobalt battery boasting 35 kilowatt hours. The premium ecarry runs on two batteries with a total of 70 kilowatt hours. Depending on whether one or two batteries are installed, the ecarry can cover over 250 kilometres without the need for recharging.

The ecarry is a 100% European light truck!

Green-G comfort EMS-Europe


Green-G relies on new and proven technology for the ecarry’s interior air conditioning. A climate system integrated in the vehicle provides the necessary cooling and heating inside the ecarry. A special control strategy saves more energy—also depending on the weather conditions. It controls all HVAC devices according to the required operating mode.

See the details

For more information and details, download the Ecarry brochure.

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